Gen IV Viper Build

Calvo Motorsports team would like to thank our client Chris for choosing us to build his gen 4 Viper ACR. Chris tracks his car regularly and wanted the best track monster he could have! Our first reaction was, ” this is our perfect candidate for our head cam package,” but Chris wanted more. After some thorough discussions with our team of experts, we decided a 1:1 6th gear ppg sequential and a custom fully CAN integrated Motec m150 package by the Ninjaneering guy him self Collin Murphy. We topped it off with one of our custom dry sump set ups using a daily 5 stage pump and the results speak for themselves!

14720436_1195033580577752_1360075425657505045_n 14650155_1195033453911098_7675574072434835546_n 14718739_1195033290577781_5758526681696779487_n 14523198_1195033167244460_6399579625987126521_n 14639655_1195033137244463_2739681656291300779_n 14705882_1195033017244475_3985169229487229615_n 14713659_1195032880577822_6466875326784047445_n 14601093_1195032867244490_5696802806581533422_n 14731268_1195032870577823_7632870898250563165_n